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patrick_200Ever since Patrick Bo could make his first Steps, he was crazy about music. Grandfather`s "Black Gold", being played all day long has been his first influencesl. With 16 years Patrick did his first moves in music production, beside playing guitar and deejaying. He had his first gig in the age of 19 years.
Current Release

Starting up with Detroit and progressive house, he adventured more and more the hidden SOUL in him. Since the early nineties people know him as a pionieer of house music. With a lot of passion and love for his music - great, soulful and deep beats he moves people of all generations.

After several years behind the turntables, Patrick is concentrating more an more on studiowork.

The productions and remixes hi the home label Soul45 and for the American label Waking Monster have been seen on playlists of legendary djs like Roger Sanchez, Dj Doveā€¦

Patrick Bo is known from Croatia to Italy and South Africa...

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