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In the summer of 2002,initial designing began,and continued untill mid 2003 2003 With only intention for to offer it’s various in house labels product online in new format (mp3/wav) it unintentionally created and became the first Legal Dance Music only download site in existence and set the stage for sites that followed. “I Wanna Get Close To You” and “Satisfaction”, was licensed and released by Barrel House records in Italy. “Feels So Right” by Solution was Licensed for Ministry of Sound comp MOSCD76. “Do You Want Me” by Cloud 9 was licensed for Ian Pooley comp. Victor remixed the Calypso/Soca classic, “Dollar Wine” by Colin Lucas this year. :Boca De Bandoneon” by Latin Impressions, was licensed to Summer Dance Album Beach Life the Salinas Sessions 3 UK on Sony/Incredible. “Bateria” by Latin Impressions was licensed and released by Flux Records UK. .As space Victor had for studio had now become to small, Victor closed his studio in Rome , and put all studio gear in storage. Victor first trip to Jerusalem for Gig occurred in Autumn of this year with gig being at Hoaman 17. 2004 “Thank you Lord” by Connie Harvey (originally released by Bassline in 1994) was licensed to Soulfuric Records (Soulfuric is label started and owned by old Bassline Records label mates of Victor’s , Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy, who released some of their first works ever through Bassline).

At the Time they also had a website, named traxsource, on the drawing board , and with site being noticed, Victor’s advise was sought with set up. Other labels from around the world, (outside of the Production Company Labels) seeing website started asking if they could also put their material online on the the site, offering in downloadable formats , and this is where and how other labels started to come and offer their material from the site.Amongst many gigs this years Victor made his first trip to Mexico City for gig playing at NY Grooves party at Acanto ( Mexico City. Victor also played the newly opened Crobar N.Y this year, and met Victor Rosado (ex Paradise Garage DJ) for the first time at this gig. Living On The Frontline by Keith Thompson (Produced by Victor) was Licensed and Released by Netsworks Records (Italy) and EMI South Africa as part Moloko compilation. Boca De Bandoneon by Latin Impressions was also licensed to EMI for South Africa for inclusion on Magic Rythms Compilation. Extremely Rare Accapellas Vol 1 (WSR012) was released on Westside Records. Other labels started contacting Victor, in order to offer their material from website as mp3s and wavs. 2005 “Do You Feel Me” (Initially released in 1993) was licensed and released by Mountain Records UK with the assistance of Deli G Victor and Keith created “Dance In Our Time” by Keith Thompson this year, which was released as part of the Africaribbean Connections (WSR013) which also included Victor’s remix of “Dollar Wine” by Colin Lucas as well as track by New Comer Afro Blu From Botswana. “Living On The Frontline” and “Dance In Our Time” was licensed by Cirque Du Soleil for their Alain Vinet Comp. “Bateria” (Remix), was Licensed to Jeff Mills Compilation.

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