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DJ Sneak just beginning for the most part , utilized Victor talents on his Polyester vol 2 Ep on track , Come Together , released on Henry Street Records this year.AM-PM Records new to the scene , started to call on much of the Talent that Victor assisted in bringing forward , and based theirselves initially on this sound for the most part.After a Few Years of Productions/Mixes Created and Released for Bassline Records / Big Big Trax with Victors assistance , Mark Pomeroy and Brian Tappert branched out around this time to form their own label , Soulfuric Records. 1998 Victor spent much if his time in the studio, continuing to focus on new songs, productions and mixes. January of ‘98 saw West Side Records arranging a distribution deal with Northcott Productions, Ltd. who also distributed for Soulfuric, Basement Boys, Suburban Records, 4° Floor and Yoruba Records. Victor was also approached by Couleur3 Radio of Switzerland and asked to become part of a new House Music Radio/Internet Program called Groove Lift. Broadcast Throughtout all of Switzerland, Eastern France, Southern Germany, Northern Italy, and Western Austria on Couleur 3 Radio, and from their website on line, as well as satellite. 1999 Groove lift, now about a year old, Began to take form. Mr. Mike (of Switzerland, and the Host of the Program.) along with Charles Schillings (Paris) Djamin and Victor were now residents, rotating monthly and bringing the world the best of the worlds cutting edge Dance Music. Each Program Broadcast live from Select Clubs in Switzerland and by mid 1999 had millions of listeners and followers.

WestSide Records continued it's growth as well by releasing Latin Impressions 1 & 2, containing the famed, "Bateria", Laura Alford's “Hold on To Your Good Thang" mixed by the up and corning Pound Boys. “How Many Tears" featuring poetry by New York's Liquid Sound Lounges, Jeanie Hopper, Containing Victor's own, "Soft and Sweet" on the B Side, and "Take Me" by Roberta Gilliam, written with Satoshie Tomie and Remixed by E. Smoove.It was also this year that Eddie Amador released "House Music , (A Spiritual Thing , A Body Thing , A Soul Thing)" , which based itself over and around base track of Victors "Feels So Right". 2000 Victor began the Millennium in a big way by forming his European Label, Stellar Records and signing a distribution deal with Level One Distribution (owned by Joe T Vannelli at the time) , based in Milan. With an initial release schedule including singles by Mr. Mike, Connie Harvey, Robert Owens, DJ Ray Roc, Davidson Ospina, and the cultivation of many new talents, such as Junia Ovadose , Sergio Matina , and Vincenzo Sortino The new century looks "Stellar". In 2001 Victor mixed the Groovelift Vol 3 compilation for DJ Beat Records.Amongst many remixes done,some highlights of the year we're " I Wanna Rock You" by Giorgio Morodor and "Dance Little Dreamer" by Kym Mazelle.

Victor spent some time in the studio on Productions as well,of which included "If Ever You're Lonely" by Joi Cardwell on Stellar.The end of the year brought administration and staff change to Couleur 3, which closed the Groove Lift chapter.It was also this year that "Salsoul Nugget" (Produced by Ricky Morrison) was released , which in few words , was simply a re work of Victors "I Know A Place".Label Defected (where AM-PM Rec left off) starting to pick up release schedule and utilized much of talent that Victor assisted in introducing to the scene including Jay Jay , Jazz and Groove , Angel Moraes , John Julius Knight , Julius Papp , Sandy Rivera , and many others , all of whom did (in most cases many of) their first releases in collaboration with Victor.

2002 Now working with numerous distributors around the world,this year Saw the first collaboration between Victor and Keith Thompson on "Living On The Frontline" by Keith Thompson (Produced,Mixed,and Arranged by Victor), released on Westside (WSR011) as a single, and licensed onto South Africa, and France. Originally recorded by Eddie Grant in 1982,Keith,Victor and Victors Dad, James, lyrically updated it for the times,and Victor and Keith then spent much time with it,in the studio in Italy, Trinidad, the U.K, and NY. This year Victor also Remixed Gotcha Back for Hole Reocords and More To Love for Liquid Sound Lounge. Boca de Bandoneon by Latin Impressions was licensed and released by House Afrika Records in South Africa, and for Mark Farina Connect comp on Ohm Records. Never Too Late by Robert Owens (Produced and Co-Written by Victor) was licensed and released by Essence Records UK. Just Play The Music by Groove Committee was Licensed and Released by News Records Belgium.Our Groove by 21st Century Body Rockers (which is first record ever, which Haldo is credited on), was licensed by BMG/Ariola Germany, for inclusion on their MusicHaus Volume 3 compilation. Member(s) of the Band Jamariquai, Produced “Clouds (Breezin)” with Victor, (which Victor Wrote) which was released on Chillout Sessions Vol 2 , Ministry Of Sound Records. Latin Impressions Vol 4 EP was released on Stellar Records. I've Got To Feel It by Groove Committee was released on the Scream 5 Compilation Let It Be Known by Instant Exposure feat Connie Harvey was remixed by Aston Martinez and released on Stellar Records. “Planetary Deterioration” (which Victor , Lenny D, and Gordon Chin created in 1989), was licensed and released by DJ Hell for his label in Germany.”Come Close To Me Baby” was released by Eddie Lock in the UK. With the popularity of internet on the rise,the idea of WWW.VJSPRODUCTIONSINC.COM, came about.

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