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Victor started his internship at the studio, and it was not long before his unique talent was discovered and he was given the opportunity to produce, mix and edit a wide range of projects for artists including: David Bowie, Will Downing, Talking Heads, Quincy Jones, Deborah Harry, Sinead O'Connor and Al Jarreau. During this time , Victor practically lived at Shakedown sound , in room with Tapes from Rick Rubin to Diana Ross , from Paul Simpson to Rolling Stones , from Afika Baambata to Hall and Oates. In late 1988, Victor merged with Lenny Dee to form the Brooklyn Funk Essentials, a remix/production team that worked on projects for Pajama Party, Al Jareau, Denise Lopez, Arthur Baker , Robert Owens , New Order. Lenny had arrived at Shakedown after working for Nile Rodgers (lead member of Chic),Skyline studio, as an intern. It was at this time that Victor completed one of his first productions on Criminal Records. His productions for Criminal, Vendetta (run By Larry Yazgar , who assisted Victor in Learning the importance of a 7" version) and other labels such as Fourth Floor and Nu Groove began to get him noticed.

It was not long before a line of labels across New York were beating a path to Victor’s door such as Strictly Rhythm, Eightball and Maxi to mention but a few.He began to collaborate on Projects with other Producers as well , such as Danny Krivit , Satoshie Tomie , to mention but a few and simultaneously he signed a management deal with 23 West and went on to join a roster that boasted Masters At Work and C&C Music Factory. He then moved over to Def Mix and was joined by Frankie Knuckles and Dave Morales (Who's initials , DM , are the basis of Def Mix) and continued to work with Nu Groove and Fourth Floor. 1989-1991 saw Simonelli involved in many high profile projects, notably, composing Sybil's single, "Oh How I Love You" (Next Plateau/London), arranging and editing James Brown's album, "Love Overdue" (Scotti Bros) as well as BeBe and CeCe Winans single featuring Mavis Staples, entitled, "I'll Take You There" (Capital). Victor was also on the production and mixing team for the Quincy Jones single, "I'll be Good To You" (Qwest) featuring Chaka Khan and the legendary Ray Charles.

Yvonne Turner , and Boyd Jarvis called on Victors talents on projects they were working, including Gwen Guthrie and Hamilton Bohannon. Brian Chin ex Billboard columnist , introduced Victor to Hamilton Bohannon , and Bohannon invited Victor to his home , where he explained to Victor the importance of Confidence in Self in connection with success. During this time Victor also wrote and produced for Martha Wash (unreleased project) and Sabrina Johnston (first recording as solo artist).

When Danny Tenaglia moved back to NY during this time , (after spending most of the eighties living in Florida) , he saught Victors advise on one of his first Productions , playing demo for Victor before anyone else. Upon listening , it was clear for Victors ears what label it would work with. After Victor put his Edit/Arrangement touch to it , at the new Shakedown studio what became "The Harmonica Track" was ready , and then released on Arthur Bakers Minimal Records (which in later years was to be licensed onto Maxi ,and also be contained on Dave Mancusos Loft Compilation Box Set). Nile Rogers (Of Chic) and Victor met during this time , and Nile told Victor the importance of remembering Dreams (Reinforcing lesson Victors Mother taught him earlier in life) , and How many of the Chic tunes that he wrote were dreamt , having his guitar in his room with him , he would awake and put them down as they came.

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