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kristaUS songstress, Krista, began singing before she could speak. Growing up in a family with a rich musical background, she found inspiration in her singing and writing, as well as playing the flute and piano. She did a lot of writing and recording through high school and in college, where she also loved being part of the Gospel Choir.
Krista recorded her first single, "Let Me Be Your Angel," in 2004. The opportunity came while she was working at Atlantic Records. The Henry Street Music Inc release is a cover of Narada Michael Walden's production originally sung by Stacy Lattisaw. Krista's up-tempo version is produced by Mike Rizzo and Josh Harris and includes mixes by Johnick, E-Smoove, DJ Manolo, Boris & Beck, Ford and others. "Let Me Be Your Angel" is a Top 20 Single on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart.
Krista later recorded a more down tempo R&B smooth jazz type of song called, "Crazy" which she wrote and co-produced with Shai Navon of Honestnotes and Ofir Kaner. "Crazy is one of my favorite songs," Krista said, "It really is a very me-type of track."
Krista linked up with Davidson Ospina and wrote and recorded a demo called "Don't Stop Dancing" which was featured on the Thrive Mix CD mixed by Mike Rizzo and St. John and currently is available digitally through Ospina Digital.
She also recorded vocals for an underground dance track called "Black Tide" which was produced by the progressive dance duo Shiloh and Jolen Essex.
Krista got together with Josh Harris to record "Weakness of the Body." It's an up tempo song originally recorded by Judy Torres on her debut LP. "I love freestyle so I really wanted to do a track that was sort of like a tribute to it. Josh did such a great job keeping an 80's vibe in his mixes."
She wrote and recorded an electronic club banger with Lenny Fontana called "Prove Me Wrong" which was released by Paprika Beat in Italy.
Krista co-wrote and recorded a funky house groove called "Rebound" with the French duo, Thomas Deschamps and Didier Limonet, a.k.a. Nassau which is out on Mutated Music. Also on Mutated is her deep house collaboration with Blaksonix, called "Funeral." She continues to work with Si Gordon of Mutated and will have new music out on the label this year.
Currently, Krista and producer-extraordinaire, Kenny Dope, are finishing up their project and hope to have it out soon.
She is also in studio working on an album with the legendary Todd Terry.
In the meantime, she continues to write and sing.  She and the Nassau production team did a fresh new take on a Johnick classic, "Open Up Your Eyes," out now.  HYPERLINK ""  Most recently, she just finished a record with Jeremias Santiago that will be out on Henry Street Music Inc.
Most of Krista's music is available now digitally from iTunes,, and other online outlets.

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