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BertBert Bevans worked as Assistant Promotion Manager for Starr Arning at Prelude Records. His friend Francois Kevorkian helped him to that job. Starting out with the "Block Parties" with the "boyz in the hood" - guys like Run DMC, LL Cool J and others - in Hollies in the early 1970's, these parties led to other and between 1975 and 1977 he could be heard in clubs like

Sesame St, Leviticus', Pep Maguire's and many others.

All of this leading to the work in the record store which led to Bert's first paid gig...
"My first paid gig was a guest spot at Infinity's on Broadway for Maurice Brahms. Jim Burgess was the resident, but he didn't want to play, so I got the gig.
John Addison found out about it and the next week I was doing lights for Francois K and Raul Rodriguez, and even sometimes DJ'ing at New York, New York.

In April of 1977 the most famous club of all times opened up it doors in New York, the club was of course Studio 54. It didn't take long before Bert played his first private party in the club and it definitely was not his last one in '54'.
For example he played the release party for Swedish Absolut Vodka there in 1979. And in September 23, 2004 - he was hired to play the 25 years party for Absolut in Stockholm. I had the pleasure of being there in the booth with Bert during that night and it was a great evening with Bert working the 70's dressed crowd out...
He started out with a spoken intro by a very high Janis Joplin to cut in Barry White's "It's ecstasy...", mixing it up with "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor followed by Donna's "Hot Stuff". He also played an awesome Bert Bevans remix of "Stand by me" [Ben E. King] as well as his "Mega-Chic" medley, along with LOTS of other great tracks.
I really loved what Bert played and just watching his techniques and the way he played around creating special sound effects just by using the mixer's treble and bass controls.
It was really something being there and hear him live. Bert also gave me a pumping special white label 12" single remix of James Ingram's "Yah mo be there", which I will cherish.
In October 31, 2009 Bert was back in Stockholm again and played at ABSOLUT's 30 years party at the

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